Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Late Predictions: Part One

I apologize for being a little late on this but I`m going to throw together some predictions for the divisions and whatnot. I know predictions are generally futile exercises but they're fun to look back on at the end of the year.

AL East- Yankees- I`ve covered this area more extensively than any sane human being should.

AL Central- Indians- I don't think the Twins are as good as most people think they are. They're probably only about an 80 win team with Joe Mauer healthy. Unfortunately for them, he's not. I also have no faith in the White Sox who appear to be run by the luckiest idiots in baseball. Nor do I think the Tigers have what it takes to bounceback. The Royals have definitely made major improvements but aren't quite ready to compete. So, I go with the Indians. The biggest question they have is whether Cliff Lee can repeat his 2008 success or not. I don't see why not but fluke years have happened before. The Indians are a smart team that had some bad luck with injuries last year and might be able to take the division this year.

AL West- Athletics- I have to think that Billy Beane decided to go for it all this year for a reason. They made some big additions this offseason. Matt Holliday is a great hitter in the middle of the lineup. Giambi is also still a nice hitter for them, even if he can't field. They got Orlando Cabrera at a bargain price as well. If they could wring another solid year out of Nomar Garciaparra it would be great for them as well. All in all their offense looks very nice. The pitching is extremely young and inexperienced though. I have more faith in Billy Beane's ability to judge pitching than just about any other GM though. The Angels also seem to be a little overrated this year. Vladimir Guerrerro is aging and the rotation is riddled with injuries this year. Joe Saunders is hardly an inspiring ace.

AL Wild Card- Red Sox- I'd be shocked if the wild card came from somewhere other than the east and I've covered the East very extensively.

I'll have a post on the NL later tonight.