Sunday, April 12, 2009

MLB 09 The Show

I finally got my hands on the must have baseball game MLB 09 The Show. A big difference about this year is I got it for the big bad PS3. Since MVP 2005's fall from grace The Show has taken the title as the only baseball game even worth looking at. The Show has consistently improved at all angles:

Graphics- The views on the PS3 are just down right gorgeous. The Stadiums are almost mirrors. The players look great until they start to move slowly, then the do a robot walk. The crowd is improved (beach balls bounce around once in a while) there is still room for improvement!

Sound- The greatly improved sound makes the game immersive. If you have surround sound (like me) you can hear the crowd behind you, announcements in front and everything in between. The music choice was so-so (a long fall from last year), the songs are catchy and there is no Fallout Boy so I can't complain. You can even add your own custom soundtrack this year. One of the things that annoyed me most about past games is the inability to get your created player's name announced. They fixed that now and even the crowd yells your name!

Gameplay- As always the Gameplay is solid, no big changes. However they have improved the "Road to the Show" feature with training improvements. In Franchise mode you have arbitration control; YAY! There is also a new difficulty, Legend Mode, which I will never try. The online gameplay was a little choppy but I am basing this on a small sample size. If you have nothing to do, send us a friend request and we will set up a game!

Overall I am giving it a 87. Though it was great it did not blow me away.