Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Stadium Experience

After attending yesterday's game there were many aspects of the Stadium that amazed me and some things that needed fixing. Here is a quick pro and con list:
  • The Stadium is simply beautiful; no more are the eyesores of chipped paint or dripping water
  • The food choices are immense. Now when you go to the ballpark you can have garlic fries, sushi, steak the list goes on.
  • The screen is freaking HUGE! Full HD is so much better.
  • Reminder of the Old Stadium. The New Stadium, as advertised, gives the feel of the old stadium with a modern upgrade.
  • Self ticket scanners=faster ticket lines.
  • More bathrooms with more room
  • Tons of info on the numerous screens. An improved Visitor Score board.
  • The sound is no longer coming from a huge speaker in center field. The speakers sounded great (though way too loud)
  • Cupholders galore!
  • Gatorade is now served, which I enjoyed.
  • I was sitting in the Grandstand and the sound system was way too loud. A little adjusting will get this fixed.
  • Grandstand seats need to be a little higher.
  • Auto flushing toilets would be nice.
  • Smaller urinals and no barriers.
  • Pepsi is served over Coke.
  • A more defined balls and strikes scoreboard would be nice.
As you can see my con list is pretty slim and most can be easily combated. Overall the stadium is going to be a great place to watch the game for years to come. Here are some pictures from my day at the park (click on full post for all photos).

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