Thursday, April 9, 2009

Series 1 Wrap

We actually went to the second two games of this series and it looked like two different teams. The first two games were constantly just out of reach for the Yankees. The command of Sabathia and Wang was bad enough that they couldn't even get a single strikeout. It wasted two good days by the offense as well. Finally, they got a decent start from Burnett and blew the Orioles away in the final game to salvage something from the series.

I`m not to worried about Sabathia or Wang. Sabathia has a long track record of pitching incredibly well. Give him another start or two and hopefully he'll be back to his old self. He struggled last year to. Wang is a little more worrisome but he does have his bad days and its way to early to make judgements on anything. Cody Ransom looks really overmatched though and I wonder how long he has until Pena starts getting some starts.

However, their were some good signs to. First of all, Nick Swisher is indeed TEH AWESOMEST PLAYAH EVAH!!!1!1!!! And if he doesn't start tomorrow I`m going to have to type a strong wordly post tomorrow, perhaps in capital letters. Burnett was pretty filthy for the first few innings to. The stadium gun had him at 99 mph a few times. Cano is also off to a nice start which could be huge for them. The offense doesn't seem to be hurting without A-Rod. Other than the first game, the bullpen was pretty good to.

Its not the way they wanted to start off the season but its just one series and they at least managed to get one game.