Saturday, April 25, 2009

So here's my angry kneejerk reaction....

You know, I didn't think it could get worse than last night but it somehow did. I got home with the score 2-0 early on and with Burnett I didn't think they needed much more. Then I had to leave again. I got back with the score 6-0 and things immediately got bad. Their were so many twists and turns that its mostly a blur with only a few moments standing out. Melky's at bat, Varitek's grand slam, the last glimmer of hope at the end, and a few others. The offense certainly did its job and Burnett is allowed one bad start but I'm worried about this bullpen. That's one thing I was totally wrong on this offseason. Mark Melancon's debut can't come soon enough and I really miss Brian Bruney already. Two losses like that back to back are tough to take but you just have to move on and hope Andy Pettitte can deliver a gem tomorrow. This bullpen certainly needs it.

Final Thoughts: Ortiz looks lost without Manny, Papelbon may be the biggest douche to pitch a baseball since the golden days of Curt Schilling, and I want A-Rod back.