Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why Does Marte Suck?

I just don't get it. The Yankees have coveted this guy since the day they let him go and justifiably so. All these years he seems like he would have been the perfect setup man for Mo. Finally, they get him with Xavier Nady for one of their top prospects (Jose Tabata) and a handful of other potentially decent guys. Suddenly he decides to start his best Kyle Farnsworth impression.

After bombing the second half of the year, he gets a new deal in the offseason. Picking up his option year would have been the smarter move but it looked pretty good at the time. Now, through the first month of the season he looks like he can't pitch. I feel like I'm watching Kyle Farnsworth every time this guy goes out. If you stop and think though, he can't be this bad.

The guy have been as unlucky as you can be. His HR/FB% is 23.1 which is absurd for a guy who consistently has it below 10. His BABIP is also sky high at .399. He's got to be on the hot seat for Yankees fans but I wouldn't totally give up on him yet.