Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wrapping Up April

The Yankees have finished April and now let's check totals from that month.
Time for some statistical fun!

The Yankees finished with the 7th highest team average (.277) behind both the Red Sox (.284) and Blue Jays (.290). The home runs have been flying, many say due to the New Stadium. Regardless, the Yankees finished 2nd in the league in home runs totaling up to 32. Scoring 123 is not too shabby (5th in the league) and driving in 112 isn't too bad either (6th in the league). Yankees team OBP is 6th best coming in at .359. Their slugging % is 3rd best in the game, .470. A mid-range BABIP is good as well (.302). 174 runners left on base in April, ouch.

With a slumping Mark Teixieria and an injured Alex Rodriguez these numbers are bound to improve once both of them are back to themselves.

The Yankees total pitching stats are not as shinny as the hitting ones. Coming in 2nd to last the Yankees ERA is a shinny 5.88 beating out the O's by .01. The K totally were mid-range coming in at 148. Giving up 27 HRs does not help much (tied for 4th highest).

Starting Pitching had a 5.43 ERA

Relief Pitching had a 6.65 ERA. Giving up the 15 home-runs, the most in baseball. Pitching 69 innings (8th most)

The Yankees team UZR is -5.3.

Boston- 14-8
Toronto- 15-9
New York- 12-10 2.0 Games Back
Baltimore- 9 13 5.0 Games Back
Tampa Bay- 9 14 5.5 Game Back
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