Saturday, May 2, 2009

Minor League News and Notes

With the first month of the season over, I think we're overdue for one of these. I'm just going to list some of the hot/struggling prospects. If they have little to no ML potential then they're probably going to be ignored and Scranton's awesome record doesn't really matter to me. Tampa and Scranton are loaded with prospects while the other levels, not so much.
  • Ian Kennedy is back to dominating AAA. Before suffering a minor injury, he had an ERA of 1.59 with a 25/7 K/BB ratio. Right now he doesn't look to have much future with the Yankees but that's going to boost his trade value. With Aceves' slow start and Hughes in the ML's he's next in line to come in for injury.
  • Kei Igawa can't even get out AAA hitters anymore. Aceves also got off to a slow start but not nearly as bad as Igawa.
  • Austin Jackson is crushing the ball. He has a line of .364/.434/.455. Right now, he's auditioning for a starting outfield job next year. If Melky reverts to last year's form, we might see Jackson before even September.
  • Zach McAllister's aggresive promotion to AA has paid off so far. His ERA is only 2.53 but his K/BB is only 14/9. If he can get those walks down then he may see AAA action by the end of the year. George Kontos is also continuing his dominating ways with an ERA of 2.66.
  • Fransisco Cervelli is off to a slow start which isn't good for him. With a big year he could win the backup catcher job for next year.
  • Jesus Montero has no disapointed at all. He's murdering Florida State League Pitchers right now. Austin Romine isn't doing quite as well but is also of to a solid start.
  • Brandon Laird and Damon Sublett are doing awfully.
  • Knoblog favorite, Jeremy Bleich, is off to a dominating start. The Yankees have typically promoted pitching prospects aggresively so we could see him in AAA by the end of the year. If they're running away with the divison or way out of it, he may even see some ML time in September. Of course, he has to pitch well.
  • Dellin Bettances desperately needs to lower his walk totals. He strikes out enough to get by but if he could get those walks down he'd be a true #1 prospect type.
  • Pat Venditte has been absolutely filthy for Staten Island. Honestly, he needs a promotion right now.
  • Carmen Angelini has been an awful dissapointment and had an embarassingly long error streak going for a while.

And that's it. Its still only May so like the ML Yankees, don't read that much into it but its a good arbitrary time to take their temperatures.