Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Day Tribute-Yankee Wives

Mother's day is a time to honor the important women in your life. Today, The Chuck Knoblog is going to highlight the numerous Yankee wives in a hot epic list.

10.) Mystery Matsui
Hideki announced last March that he secretly married his longtime girl. He did not reveal any details about her and only showed a sketch of her (right). This announcement came after Matsui made a bet with fellow Yankees, Jeter and Abreu on who would get married
first. Hideki is also known across Japan for his large collection of pornos.

9.) Cynthia Rodriguez
Though they are no longer together I need someone to fill out the bottom of my list. Though Cynthia and Alex have gone through some rough times she still made an SI. If she can crash with Lenny Kravitz in Paris then she can make number 9 on our list.

8.) Allison Jaskowiak Kennedy
Though she could woop my ass Allison comes in at number 8 on our list. IPK's sweetheart overcame bulimia and has a sick jump-shot, which is a very unique skill set.

7.) Leigh Teixeira
Leigh had a major role in Mark coming to the Yankees, so we can thank her for that. Though it seems she wears the pants in the relationship; she still comes in at number 7 on our list. Oh and don't worry; Marky gets his:

6.) Karen Burnett
Not too much is known about A.J. Burnett's lovely wife. We do know that she lives year-round in her hometown of Baltimore with the couple’s two sons Ashton and AJ Jr. There are also rumors that she is a former stripper, which does not come as a shock. Anyway it is hard to put this beauty at number 6 but wait until you see the rest of them.

5.) Amber Sabathia
Amber and CC Sabathia were high school sweethearts and were married on June 9, 2003. Together they have three children and the family is located in Cali. All I can say is: "We know who is on the bottom."

4.) Laura Posada
HIP HIP JORGE! Laura Posada, the co-founder of the Jorge Posada foundation comes in at number 5 on our list. So not only is she smoking
hot she is also working for a cure of cranio-
synostosis. Nice work Jorge.

3.) Michelle Damon
This is around the time in the list where we break the "Ridiculously Hot Barrier". This is another rumored former stripper and she has a bad rep before hooking up with Johnny. Whatever, she fought with Curt Schilling's wife so she is cool with us.

2.) Laura Cover
This is definatly the sleeper of this list. Coming in at number 2 is Aaron Boone's wife Larua. Former playmate, we still don't know what Boone did to be worthy of this. She was Miss October for PlayBoy; weird right?

1.) Danielle Gamba
Swisher strikes again as his wife takes the top spot in our Mother's Day countdown. All I can really say is "Damn".