Friday, May 1, 2009

A-Rod Steroid Mess

Talk of the A-Rod and steroids heated up again yesterday. The Daily News ran an article based on Selena Roberts' new book. The story talks about A-Rod's suspected steroid use in high school. The article said things like Rodriguez 'may have' and 'suspected of'. It used Alex's benching totals from sophmore year as it's main proof.

Now to seems to me you don't break a story without any hard evidence, which is exactly what Roberts did. Without any conclusive proof (names, dates, witnesses) these accusations mean nothing. Selena Roberts is just trying to get her book sold. You can do this to almost any Major Leauger. The book also higlights his Hooters tipping habits and "sleezy womanizing". Her book, cleverly titled "A-Rod", is set to drop May 4th. I personally will not be picking this one up.