Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What To Do About The Bullpen?

Now that Brian Bruney is back on the DL the Yankees have some decisions to make about their bullpen. Mo is the same old Mo, Aceves has shown some good versatility, and Phil Coke has been solid, but other than that its a pretty terrible bullpen. We really can't have Bret Tomko pitching the tenth inning come September. So where do we go from here? River Ave. Blues seems to think we need to pick up another reliever via trade, but I think we should wait to see what we have. The Yankees recently called up David Roberston from AAA, which is a good start. I also think Mark Melancon should be recalled, and the two should be up for good. Let them get used to pitching in the majors, which I think will not take very long. Once Damaso Marte comes back, that should still be a decent bullpen even if Bruney is out for an extended period of time, which seems likely given the fact that he will be visiting Dr. James Andrews soon. The bullpen come playoff time could be Mo, Marte, Melancon, Robertson, Coke, and Aceves. If Edwar Ramirez or Jose Veras can revert back to their 2008 selves we could carry a 7th reliever, or swap Aceves out for whoever figures his shit out. While that's not a great bullpen, it is far from bad, and it beats wasting trade pieces to acquire overpriced and overratted relievers.