Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wrapping Up May

The Yankees have finished May and now let's check totals from that month.

Time for some statistical fun!

The Yankees came in with the 3rd best team average (.281) passing both the Red Sox (.271), Jays (.279) and Rays (.279). As for long-balls the Yankees finished best in the league in home runs totaling up to 42. Thank you Jet-Stream. Scoring 151, 4th in the league, and driving in 148, 3rd in the league. Yankees team OBP is 7th in the league coming in
at .350 which is similar to last month. Their slugging % is best in the game, .490. The same mid-range BABIP as last month is good as well (.300).

Looks like the Yankees are putting on the same amount of people as last month but now they are able to get them in. With the Teixeira and A-Rod combo working the Yankees drove in and hit out a lot more.

The Yankees clocked 17 wins this month (4th) and 10 losses (4th). Coming in at 15th the Yankees ERA is a shinny 4.24. The K were good this month the Yanks came in 7th (202). Giving up an insane 42 HR, New Stadium has its downside.
Starting Pitching had a 4.32 ERA (14th)

Relief Pitching had a 4.10 ERA. Giving up a league leading 19 home-runs, they pitched 85.2 innings.

The Yankees team UZR is .02.

Here are the current standings.