Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is Wang Finished?

The question that's been on everybody's mind since the start of the season. He's been awful by any sense of the word. He's shown absolutely no signs this year of being the front line guy he has been for the Yankees. Without factoring in tonight's start his numbers are godawful. His ERA is sky high over 14 and his FIP is at 6.00. Everything that can be wrong with a pitcher is wrong with Wang right now. he's giving up home runs, failing to strike guys out, giving up hits, and can't even induce the amount of GB's he has in the past.

Its really inexplicable for me. We know why they're getting hits/runs off of him. The Pitch F/X data clearly shows his sinker isn't sinking and that his control is off. Why though? How does somebody who was so good just a year ago come to this, at age 29? This is a major concern for the Yankees going forward. I really don't think he's done. I have to imagine that he's hurt or something because a guy like that just doesn't forget how to pitch. However, he's given us plenty of a reason to worry. Not to be overly dramatic, but Wang's next start is huge for him. If he fails again, expect another DL trip for him.

Wang coming up with Cano in 2005 was a big part of forcing the Yankees move to rebuilding their farm system. I've always loved watching him pitch and have defended him as much as I possibly could in past years to doubters. The Yankees have to be close to pushing the panic button on him though.