Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just What We Needed

This season, days like today have been rare and after a week of throwing things at my television a blowout victory was very welcome. The team's recen troubles are probably the only reason I stuck around to soak up this one. The offensive heroes (against Johan Santana!) today were far to many so I'll just skip right to the pitching.

A.J. Burnett finally showed fans why he's getting paid all that money. Anytime your starter goes seven innings without giving up a run, you've got to be happy. Other than the top of the third he really had no trouble at all. That one inning ended up being huge though. If you remember, the score was 4-0 at the time and A.J. loaded the bases with nobody out. Had he given it away their, then he might have been out the game early this post might be lamenting the horrorshow that is Brett Tomko. He got through it though with two of his eight K's and gave the Yankees the length they needed so desperately today.

We then got treated to two pitchers who deserve to be a much bigger part of the bullpen then they currently are. David Robertson and Phil Hughes combined for two shutout innings with 2 K's each and no BB's. Tomorrow is an off day and the Yankees will look forward to a series against the Nationals, in which a sweep is a real possibility if Chien Ming Wang can find himself in what probably amounts to a last chance for him.