Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nondescript Win

Well, if today was a big day for Pettitte, he definitely delivered. Andy is one of the most beloved Yankees and in his most current Yankees stint, we've been used to watching him grind out five or six solid innings when another guy might lose the game. So, when he throws a gem its really enjoyable. Sort of satisfying I guess. Tonight he gave the Marlins no chance. He had a lead early on and aside from a slight blip in third, a solo home to Cody Ross, he gave the Marlins absolutely nothing. He scattered the three hits he gave up and walked nobody while K'ing seven. The Marlin's didn't stand a chance. Bruney and Tomko pitching the final two innings and put up zeroes.

For once the offense actually got ahead early as well. I know, shocking. Everybody in the lineup got a hit, including a big double from Pettitte. Jeter's long double in the first really set the tone for the whole game. Michael Kay kept repeating that it felt like a blowout but wasn't and he was right. The lack of hitting with RISP kept it interesting but five runs was enough for tonight. The Yankees needed a win like this one after nearly blowing three straight series, with only a couple of those games being blowouts.