Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wang Survives

I know this game isn't over but I wanted to get a post out on Wang as soon as possible. I know the final line doesn't look that great but he pitched just well enough to earn himself one more start. Obviously, the line of three runs in five innings is decent enough to probably merit another start on its own. A K/BB of 4:2 is also solid, particularly for Wang. However, what stands out to me is that he was keeping the ball on the ground again. He got twelve of the batters he faced to hit grounders and only two managed to get the ball in the air. That's much closer to vintage Wang than the 39:23 ratio he has on the season.

Not a really great start but it marks a huge improvement for Wang and if he can turn things around, this start is going to be remembered as the first step in the right direction. He was a borderline ace a year ago and its tough to give up on him.

Now hopefully the Yanks have another late innings come back in them tonight.