Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yankees Lose

Its like I said yesterday, the Yankees don't play like a normal team. For the first seven or eight innings, this team sleeps. They scatter a handful of hits and hold the other team in check but actually score a couple or runs or shutdown the other team? Nope, not these Yankees.

Joba Chamberlain muddled his way through six innings. He wasn't great but he got by. His control was off and, again, he seemed to be shaking off his catcher a lot. He gave the Yankees a chance to win though. If you're starter goes six innings and gives up only three runs against the Nationals. You should win. Particularly when your bullpen doesn't give up any runs and you're facing a pitcher with an ERA approaching six. Not to mention their bullpen.

However, the Yankees didn't show a single sign of life until the seventh when they nearly scored on a handful of hits. That impossible dream was killed by an incredible catch made to prevent what would have been a sure double by A-Rod. I know all about the Fucking Fallacy of the Goddamned Preditermined Outcome (FFOFGPO) but its easy to imagine them scoring a couple runs that inning and going on to win the game. Then in the bottom of the ninth they showed some signs of life with a leadoff hit, followed by a near walk turned double play from Nick Swisher and a flyout from Matsui.

I really don't feel like getting all that detailed analyzing this game. It was a microsm of the series, or even the whole season. They do nothing for six innings and show to little to late at the end of the game. Had Luis Castillo not misplayed a certain pop fly, they would be looking at three straight series losses against the Red Sox, Mets, and Nationals. It doesn't get much worse than that. Its still early but I'd like to see the Yankees start a turnaround before things start spiraling out of control.