Thursday, July 2, 2009

Andy Pettitte Appreciation Thread

Pettitte has been one of the more underappreciated Yankees this year in my opinion. During the offseason, fans were divided over whether they even wanted him back or if he should retire/leave and make away for Phil Hughes. He started off well but as soon as he ran into a rough patch fans were calling for his head. Apparently he was finished, had a bad back, and some fans even wanted him in the bullpen.

Three starts ago he turned in one of his best performances he's had in a while. However, he struggled in his next one and again fans were calling for his head. Last night he turned in another great start and he still is overshadowed by Alex Rodriguez's mammoth homer. His ERA is down to 4.25 and his FIP is only a little higher at 4.51. After Sabathia he also has the highest IP total of any Yankees starter.

He hasn't been an ace for them but he's not getting paid like one either. The Yankees brought him back to be an innings eater. He's been exactly that for them. He's given been sometimes good and sometimes bad but its more good than bad. So, the next time he throws a bad game, can we please refraim from saying he's done or that this is only going to get worse for Pettitte? He's a battler and he's stilll a very solid pitcher that the Yankees are going to need.