Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trading Wang?

Yesterday Jon Heyman mentioned on Twitter that The Phillies and Rangers have some interest in Wang. Its definitely an intriguing idea. I'm torn on this. For now, I'd hang on to him. With another month or two of good performances he could recoup a lot of his old value. Their also has to be an eye focused on next year. If they trade Wang they need to make some tough decisions about whether or not to sign onto yet another big free agent contract or give the spot to Alfredo Aceves or Ian Kennedy. Both would be untrustworthy and if Aceves, they would lose one of their best bullpen arms.

If they offered up a nice package (which Texas can definitely do) I'd take a good hard look at it but my expectations for that are very low at the moment. Tomorrow is another big start for Wang (they're all big from here on out to be honest) and we may have a better idea of where we stand with Wang then.