Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why I Stopped

I am sure you wondering why we halted our glorious writing during the middle of the season and this post will answer all of your questions. No, we did not go on a spiritual journey with Dave Chappelle to Africa. Our last post of the season was on 8/7. The Yankees record during our blogging stretch was 68 wins and 42 losses. Now that is not too bad. After we stopped the Yankees went 46-21. Don't forget about the World Series Championship.

Now did I single handedly win the World Series for the Yankees? Some might say. I would give some credit to the boys but man I helped out. Why I wasn't mentioned in any of the speeches? Why won't the Yankees answer my letters requesting a ring for my services. I don't really know. The US Postal Service sucks is most likely the answer.

I am currently working to become a better photo-shopper (just in time for Black Friday). I do the same thing that Rocky does in his training montage. I even hired an old guy to yell at me while I crop. You can except some good stuff coming.

Don't fret though; The Chuck Knoblog is back in full force.