Lots of Links

  • A-Rod's rehab is going well he is planning on a workout return in mid April.
  • Yankees released info on the New Yankee Stadium tours.
  • New Stadium Insider has the scoop on NYY Steak
  • C.C. will be gracing the cover of tomorrows issue of SI (right). They are predicting Mets over Angles (Mets!?!).
  • The Yankees star CF Brett Gardner snagged the Dawson award.
  • As reported earlier Bob Shepherd will be missing the start of the season, officially.
  • Sliding Into Home has yet another New Yankee Stadium photo update.
  • Joba pitched very well in his final spring start.
  • The virus Conficker is supposedly going live tomorrow so if the internet explodes here are my last web words: "I Love Adam Dunn".
  • The pitching staff has been set; Albalaledajo got the last spot.
  • The Chuck Knoblog Fantasy League of Champions is still looking for a few more people to play email me: charlie@thechuckknoblog.com.

Financial Services CRM

Big players need big financial advisors, and big financial advisors need Financial Services CRM software. I'm learning more about this, and will be sharing some of this CRM software technology stuff when I figure it out.


The Chuck Knoblog Fantasy League

Alright we are setting up a Fantasy League, I assume all of the writers will be in it (if they want). For you, the general public, to join you need to commit to following your team for the whole year, If you do not your team will be given away. Email me at charlie@thechuckknoblog.com if you want in. I will adjust the number of players based on the amount of responses I get. We will be doing a live draft and you can check out the league rules before you join. Let's try this out.