Why I Stopped

I am sure you wondering why we halted our glorious writing during the middle of the season and this post will answer all of your questions. No, we did not go on a spiritual journey with Dave Chappelle to Africa. Our last post of the season was on 8/7. The Yankees record during our blogging stretch was 68 wins and 42 losses. Now that is not too bad. After we stopped the Yankees went 46-21. Don't forget about the World Series Championship.

Now did I single handedly win the World Series for the Yankees? Some might say. I would give some credit to the boys but man I helped out. Why I wasn't mentioned in any of the speeches? Why won't the Yankees answer my letters requesting a ring for my services. I don't really know. The US Postal Service sucks is most likely the answer.

I am currently working to become a better photo-shopper (just in time for Black Friday). I do the same thing that Rocky does in his training montage. I even hired an old guy to yell at me while I crop. You can except some good stuff coming.

Don't fret though; The Chuck Knoblog is back in full force.


ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning software is the rage and my next career. I know. Don't believe me, see ERP software websites.

Here is the quote from Deadspin:
I attended the Yankee parade this Friday...and a group of kids were picking random people to be thrown in the air just for the hell of it. This was hours before the parade started. It was quite entertaining...and this girl was being thrown around like a beach volleyball.
Deadspin has been bitching and moaning about the Yankees forever but that is a cool picture.

For Anyone Who Missed