Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Season Approaching, a Good Off Season

It sure seems like this off season flew by, quicker than any in my past memory. Of course, it has helped that the Yanks are World Series champions. And I think Brian Cashman has had a very productive off season. Are the Yankees better than 2009? Yes, definitely yes! The additions of Javy Lopez, Nick Johnson and Curtis Granderson have made the team better and younger. Yes, we lost Johnny Damon, Melky and Hideki. But Damon and Matsui are in their twilights of good careers. Branch Rickey, the great GM in Brooklyn and St. Louis, once commented "trade a player too early rather than too late". How can you not agree with that thinking. I will miss Melky for his energy and excitement but Granderson is definitely an upgrade. Our pitching staff is solid. It's time to let Phil Hughes sink or swim in the rotation, I think he swims. My opinion is Joba is better in the Bull Pen which makes our bull pen better.
So less that 5 weeks to go until Tampa. I can't wait. Everything is right in baseball, the Yankees are reigning World Champions.