Sunday, January 24, 2010

Enough of Johnny Damon

Is it just me or are we all tired of of "the Johnny Damon saga"? I mean, come on, you can't read, go on the internet, listen to MLB on XM or blog without 15 minutes or 2000 words on JD. Let's be fair here. This isn't Damon's fault nor Brian Cashman's. This is the media jumping on a story that is starting to make the Yankees out the bad guy. This where I begin to draw the line.
This is not the Yankee's problem. Damon chose his agent, Scott Boros, knowing what type of agent is. Great if your Damon, not so great if your Damon. If JD was 32 years old, like the last time he was a free agent, Boros is perfect. He will squeeze every last dime out of a club. Boros is doing his job. But, Damon is not 32. He is 37 and has signs of decline. Yeah, he made a great base running move in the World Series, but he then pulled a muscle and would not have been able to play if there was a game 7. We have been lead to believe that Damon was offered a pretty good contract early in free agency and he declined. That's his choice. Now he is living with that choice because Boros advised him to wait, create a wedge with another team and we get you more. Bad move for Damon. The news today tells us everything will be resolved in the next week. I hope so