Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello Yankee fans!

Hello fellow Yankee fans! My name is Keane though you could use my nickname Dane, whatever floats your boat. I saw an interesting offer at the YES Network boards looking for writer's who wish to express their thoughts and feelings about the best baseball franchise in the world, the New York Yankees. YES has this feature where you can make your own blogs but no one would read some random guy on there right? So I immediately jumped on the writing offer and here I am! Writing for the Chuck Knoblog! Much cooler than some little site at YES. Now when I started reading about the Yankees online, of course I started to read the "experts" on ESPN, Sports Illustrated or FOXSports. They're fine and dandy sometimes but they aggravate me with either their lack of analysis and sometimes their bias. Oh I don't know a certain Mike Francesa anyone? He isn't a writer but he sure is annoying to say the least. And when I hear these people talk it makes me sad that sometimes some Yankee fans believe some of the garbage they spew. For example last year we all had to deal with Brad Penny and John Smoltz being genius moves none other made by the superhuman demigod Theo Epstein. He's a great GM don't get me wrong but the media completely blew whatever he did last year out of proportion. I've even heard people think that Brad Penny and John Smoltz would get more wins than CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett. Its crazy. So I want to write my feelings so Yankee fans can read and hopefully learn as I had done with great Yankee blogs out there like River Ave Blues. Sounds like fun doesn't it? Well I'll post my first Yankee related post shortly later. Hope you enjoy.