Tuesday, January 26, 2010

J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets

After letting Sunday's loss to Indianapolis set in I started to think of next year already. The Jets have nothing to be down about, they lost I know, but what a run the last 5 weeks. And what a good off season it should be waiting and talking about 2010-2011.
What impressed me the most about the team was their ability to hit. Now I know every team in football can hit, but the Jet's players seem to really lay the wood on the opposition. When a Colt's player was hit by a Jet he seemed to always get up slow. The Jets defense is young is most areas and will be an even larger force in the NFL next year. I would even go so far as calling the Jets the favorite to win their conference. On offense Mark Garcia showed flashes of brilliance Sunday with some great throws and smart throw aways. Let's face it, beating Peyton Manning at home in the play-offs is a big task. On Sunday he was too much but the Jet's day is coming. With a good draft and some smart off season moves the Jets will be ready to be #1 in New York and the NFL.