Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kevin Towers: Best Move of the Winter?

A long lasted rumor just came to fact as the Yankees have announced that Kevin Towers has signed on with the team. I originally heard of the chance of Towers being a Yankee two months ago at the Winter Meetings. Glad to see it finally happening. Towers and Brian Cashman have been buddies for many years and have made a couple of trades with each other. Towers brings experience and knowledge to the Yanks, experience that will help "Cash" in whatever he is assigned and knowledge of the National League. He also is a keen eye for young talent. In San Diego he wasn't always working with a Yankee type payroll and had to do with an expertise of young, inexpensive players. Overall, one of the great of season moves in baseball as the Yankees pick up a bargain. Good job Brian Cashman. Hopefully Towers will be used in scouting the college players for the June draft and at trade time in evaluation of possible trades.