Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Left Field Situation

This offseason has been relativity quiet compared to last season, which has really been no problem for Yankee fans, since our team is coming off a pretty good year (World Series cough cough). We have had a few losses, Matsui and Johnny D. We could have just taken the losses and the Yanks were still pretty damn good. Matsui was pretty easy to replace though we love him, a slow non-fielding DH is not exactly flexible. Nick Johnson is solid and I really like him coming back.

Johnny provided us with an outstanding postseason; some of his "clutch" ABs are really stuck in my head. Now his position is not so easily replaced from the free agent pool. The candidates you ask? At the top of the list (in no discernible order) Rick Ankiel, Garret Anderson, Rocco "The Pride of Rhode Island" Baldelli, Jonny Gomes, Jermaine Dye and the X Man (Xavier Nady). For me, Nady leads that class coming off a season ending injury and that is not exactly promising. Non of them have anything close the stick Damon has ('cept a healthy X but it is a gamble). It is also kind of difficult since the Yankees say they are only willing to spend 2 million annually on a left field upgrade.

For any other team the budget would throw a huge wrench into the plans cutting the suitors down to a mere few. This is the New York Yankees however and we all know that a budget is no obstacle. Damon is old but we would all like to bring him back for just a little longer. Johnny is down to 13 mill right now. If he can swallow his pride and bring down his demands, I think the Yankees will bring the old guy back.

If the Yankees stick with the approach that they are claiming. They could sign one the little guys (Xavier Nady, Marcus Thames, Rocco Baldelli or Jerry Hairston Jr.) and platoon him with Gardner. Which when you think about it really isn't bad at all. As you should have noticed the Yankees are getting younger.

It's all in Damons hands right now and if he leaves he leaves on a damn good note.

If Damon takes off it might be time for a Training Day in New York: