Saturday, January 23, 2010

Revis Island

As you all know the Jets are playing the Colts this weekend. It is sure to be a great matchup. The Colts and Peyton will try to break down the Jets #1 defense with their passing game while the Jets will try to tire their line by relentlessly pounding the ball in. The key matchups that I am picking for this weekends game is the Jet's secondary vs the Colts receivers. We just faced Gates and did a fairly good job covering him now The Jets can do the same thing with Dallas Clark. Everyone knows "No one escapes from Revis Island" so Reggie Wayne is not going to be a problem. Garcon and Collie will be the real test. If Lito Shepard can step up this game and keep them in check then there really will be no place for Peyton to go. One of the best photoshops I have done is below (click here for a full size look at her beauty) (here is the original; just for fun) . It is a celebration of the Jets this year and their strong defense. A win this week will send them to the Super Bowl; a destination almost unimaginable by Jets fans. Let's Go JETS.