Sunday, February 21, 2010

Curtis Granderson

One of the new Yankees, OF Curtis Granderson, was a topic on Sirius/XM radio this morning on the GM show starring Jim Bowden and Jim Duquette. Let me first emphasize ex-GMs because that is what they are. Both with NY baseball backgrounds they started the show by talking about the Johnny Damon signing in Detroit and how he will fit in so well in Tigerland. Then they proceeded to throw Granderson under the bus saying he was an average OF, less than average arm and couldn't hit lefties. While we know he has had trouble against lefthanders where were all these "experts" when he was a Tiger? And these are the same experts that were all over the Yankees and Damon in the beginning of 2009 saying the Yankees couldn't win with an aging Damon in left with a poor arm and less that average OF skills.
The point is this, why the bashing of Granderson and the love for Damon now? I think I know why? He is a Yankee! Heaven help someone who says good things of the "Evil Empire" on TV or the radio. These are the same clowns that had the Yankees dead and buried last May, missing the play-offs and firing their manager. And I don't remember any of these so called experts apologizing in October about their error in prediction. Once again we will hear this "garbage" all Spring and Summer and into Fall about the "Red Sox" and their superior pitching, their great closer and their grit. How their "boy wonder" GM will pull off something miraculous and how, despite all their injuries, the Red Sox will some how beat the dreaded Yankees and win the WS. Once again I say, "bring 'em on". We are the Yankees and we will beat "Red Sox Nation" on our way to #28.