Thursday, February 25, 2010

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter held his only press conference today talking about his Yankee career. Jeter says he wants to stay with the Yankees for his whole career. Wow, there's news! Do we expect anything different from this guy? Do you realize as a Yankee fan how lucky we are to be able to be Yankee fans in the Jeter era? I have told my sons that they haven't lived through a Yankee era without Derek Jeter. Lets just say it, Derek Jeter is an American hero! If he wasn't a New York Yankee he would be more popular that Tiger Woods before the mistresses. Can anyone say something derogatory about DJ? About his personal life? Writers have tried to punch holes in Jeter saying he is smug and never gives straight answers about the ball club. I call that brilliant! That is not his job. They say he is not a vocal leader. So! Either was Mickey Mantle. His peers followed Mickey for what he did on the field and how he handled himself. Remind you of someone? Mantle would do anything to win, getting his legs wrapped before every game with yards of tape, then limping to his position and following that up with game winning hits or catches. Again, remind you of someone. There is going to come a day where the opening day announcement of Yankees at the Stadium to the first base line will not include Derek Jeter. Then we will look at each other and finally admit to ourselves how lucky we were to have Derek Jeter as a Yankee SS for the last 20 or so years. I am not waiting! I am going to enjoy every game, every at bat and every Jeter play in the field. I am not going to get caught wanting like we did for Bernie or Donnie.