Friday, February 19, 2010

Mike Axisa's Top 30 Prospects

From the ever popular blog River Ave Blues, Mike Axisa makes his annual preseason top 30 prospect list. A lot of interesting names are on the list. The catcher first of all such as Jesus Montero, Austin Romine, and JR Murphy. There's some pretty good arms in there too like Manny Banuleos, Jose Ramirez and yes even Andrew Brackman.

Andrew Brackman is still an interesting prospect as his ceiling is literally Randy Johnson and remember Randy himself couldn't get his control problems down until he was 27. Patience is required for Brackman and also for Dellin Betances who is similar ins structure to Brackman.

I love reading about these prospects. We all want them to pan out to their ceilings but it won't happen to all of them. But having a good farm system can help the Yankees get cost efficient players and allows them to trade the surplus like say in catching for other pieces that they might need.

With the major trades the farm does look a bit weak so let's hope Oppenheimer and maybe even Kevin Towers can step up and get this farm strong again.