Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Robinson Cano is NOT Lazy

"Robinson Cano sucks! He doesn't run!!!! HE'S A LAZY DOMINICAN!"

The above line of thinking really really pisses me off. Many people take one look at Cano and deem him lazy due to some stupid reason. It's said over and over again and it's really annoying. The trend of calling Cano lazy or non-caring about baseball is first on all completely untrue.

Bob Klapisch did not outright say it in his HORRENDOUSLY RETARDED article today talking about the top 10 players who would look good in pinstripes. He sounds like a stupid internet Yankee fan troll who orders Cashman to buy every prized free agent. But that's not what is pissing me off. He named the 5th person who looks good in pinstripes DUSTIN FREAKING PEDROIA. In a list where Albert Pujols and Joe Mauer are included in, it seriously makes me wonder what the hell he's doing around top names in the first place! He's a Fenway hitter who completely relies on Fenway. For a raw measure his OPS drops 200 points from 900 to 700 when moving from Fenway. That's ridiculous. Is it merely because he is a fluke MVP winner he's included with the almighty Albert Pujols or the young stud in Mauer? He's not in their tier of talent. Albert and Mauer in the the top elite tier of players. Then there's the tier of really good players like Jason Bay and there are good but not great players like Dustin Pedroia. Why he's on this list baffles me the Yankees already have Robinson Cano.

Yes, we know the Yankees have the more talented second baseman in Robinson Cano. The Bronx incumbent is smooth, super-cool and has a hitting DNA to die for. But Pedroia plays harder and has a greater emotional investment in the day-to-day outcome of his team. In other words, he cares more than Cano.

This is absolutely ridiculous. It's insane. It's retarded. Cano doesn't care? Yes Bob, Cano doesn't care. He only cares about his paycheck. Which by the way isn't much because he never got a good payday yet form the Yankees. But he's a lazy Dominican, right Bob? OH MY GOD HE DOESN'T RUN TO FIRST BASE AS FAST EVEN THOUGH HE'LL GET OUT REGARDLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This insanity burns my ears. Why the hell would you say that? Cano not caring? Yeah he didn't care about his 2008 numbers right Bob? He's lazy right? 2008 proves his laziness. So what happened in 2009? I thought he didn't care. Cano worked hard in the next offseason and it worked wonders! Cano became a beast in 2009 and saying such batshit insane comments of him not trying is outright stupid and maybe even racist. That's right, racist.

Look throughout the media. Notice how the white players get the description of the gritty, hard nosed "not afraid to get uniform dirty" type of players. They play with the most heart because they are white. Latinos are lazy. And black players are always described as athletic. If you're not white you can't get the honorable distinction of being gritty.

That's being hyperbolic, I know. But that insanity what I just said pars up to the insanity we read from Klapisch. Stop referencing to Cano as a lazy Dominican who doesn't care about baseball. It's just plain wrong.