Monday, March 8, 2010

Relax, It's Only Spring

Well, it's started. What's started you ask? The complaining and the doom and gloomers that call themselves Yankee fans, that is what has started. The Yankees are 1-3 in Spring Training and, when you read some the message boards, you'd think they were 10 games out with 9 games to go. Look at the line-ups the Yanks are throwing out there. It's the first week in March for crying out loud. The Yankees are a veteran team and do not need to play everyone all the time. When traveling they don't take but 4 or 5 regulars. And they play 3 innings. Mo won't throw 6 innings in Florida. Girardi won't put his everyday line-up out there until the last week of spring training.
So if you really are a true Yankee fan you will believe in Girardi and Cash, trust that A-Rod and Jeter know how to pace themselves and that the rest of the organization is doing the right things. How can't you think that. And they continue to tweak the roster adding Park to the relief corps. So let's all be quiet and let our team do it's thing because you don't think anyone else will ever give the Yankees their due.