Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Review: MLB 10- The Show

The Show has become the top baseball game out there. When EA and the MVP series lost the rights all seemed lost. However The Show has done everything EA did plus more. It seems every year I mention MVP 05 because I loved it and there are still times when I pick it up and wish they retained the rights.

Again I picked the show up for the PS3 which presents the game in beautiful HD. The game doesn't really boost that many new features on the surface, don't let that mislead you however. The game has added multiple small things that make the game a more complete package than 09 did. The cover has also improved since last year, the scrappy Dustin Pedoria has been replaced by Joe Mauer.

Graphics: This year's visuals are a large step up from years past. Little animations have been added in to make the feeling more complete, such as the catcher tossing his mask to catch a pop-up, a umpire getting hit by a foul ball or the pitcher getting hit by a ball up the middle as a few examples. More than 1,250 new gameplay animations, more than 1,000 new presentation animations, and more than 400 personalized pitcher and batter animations. The players, field and crowd look great as well.

Sound: The ambiant crowd nosies are nice especially if you have surround sound. The walk-up music options in Road to the Show are great as well. The soundtrack in the game is not as good in past years, there was one song in the whole game (All In) that I enjoyed. So I kept that song and using the PS3 imported my own music which seamlessly enters into the game. When you do drills as your Road to the Show player (another new feature) your music plays in the background as well. The announcers wear you down after a while but I have come to expect that.

Gameplay: The gameplay of The Show has pretty much been perfected over the years. Only one real gameplay improvement has been made; there is now a new pickoff system in place. Based on how long you hold the button you can do a quick pickoff or a more deceptive move. So instead I will talk about the improvements on gameplay modes. The biggest improvement comes in Road to the Show. As I mentioned before there are now drills that your player can do to improve upon his skills. Road to the Show has so many options this year I can't even describe them all, the customization is taken to a whole new level. You can also set it so you don't have to view every pitch when you are the runner and you can set that you only control your guy when you are the lead runner.

As for online play there are improvements as well. You can now setup online leagues (which I haven't done yet) and every week they crank out a new updated roster. I have played a few games online and they have been a little glitchy.

This year is defiantly a step up over last year and I give it a:

The Show is available for the PS3, PS2 and PSP.

Check out the trailer: