Saturday, March 27, 2010

What "Everyone" Wanted

Joba is back in the pen. The place where he excited Yankees fans when he came out of AAA with a blazing fastball that dominated the late innings. When he was moved back to the starting role there was a lot of discussion whether this was the right move.

I love Joba and I have always wanted Joba as a starter. This move is in no way The Yankees giving up on Joba in the rotation. Instead he lost the postion battle and now he will do whatever he can to help the team if that is in the pen or in AAA. Now when Joba in comes out of the bullpen and does well the side that supports Chamberlain as a reliever will be yelling "I told you so". Starting pitching is a lot more valuable than relievers. I love seeing Joba come out and shut down but when he can do that for 6 innings he will. For now we just have to wait.

Joba has always been a class act and this is what he said about the whole situation:
"Right now, I have to embrace the role that I'm in," Chamberlain said. "I can't think about being a starter at this point. For me to help this team now, it's being in the bullpen and trying to figure out a way to get guys out there. It's unfair to my team to think about something else when this is my job right now."

That quote is why I love, Joba