Sunday, April 11, 2010

After Five!

It's only been five games, yeah I know, but this 2010 version of the Yankees seems to have the confidence of a team that knows they are going to win. I am sure if you asked any of the players they would tell you how tough it is repeating. I cannot disagree with that. But this Yankee squad went into Boston, in the opening season series, and took the series 2-1. A big deal? Not if you look at the whole season. But if you look at the psyche of the two teams it has to mean something.
A couple of items I observed. The Yankees show no fear of Josh Beckett. It fact, thy have pounded him the last couple of times. The Yankees beat Jonathon Papelbon again on Curtis Granderson's homer in the tenth. This is big for two reasons. One, Granderson gets off to a great start as a Yankee making it easier to be accepted by our fans. Two, it puts that doubt in Papelbon's mind that the Yankees got to him. A good start in Boston.
Of course in Yankee land there is always a little negative around. Javy Vasquez got off to a rough start on Friday leading some to speculate about his pitching in a Yankee uniform. I believe it's just a little early to form opinions on Vasquez. Let him get to the Stadium first. But Saturday's gem by CC. made everyone forget the night before. Acting like a true ace of the staff, Sabathia went 7-2/3 innings of no hit ball leading the Yanks to a big win over Tampa Bay. Once again, the team bounced back from a loss to set themselves up for a series win. This looks to be another fun season in the Bronx!