Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Breaking Down Vazquez's Third Start

I have been paying special attension to VazquezEven Joe Giradri said it was time for Vazquez to get a win and thankfully he did. Hopefully this will be a boost to his confidence but this wasn't exactly the start I was hoping for out of Javy. What he did adjust for this start was his delivery. His pitches were finally getting the movement that he wanted instead of just being meatballs over the plate. His velocity was improved a little as well reaching 91, which is low for him but better than last start (88-90). What Vazquez didn't do was make his pitches, throughout the game there were a few jams due to walks and then Javy would leave pitches over the plate (especially later in the game) that would be smashed for hits. He is lucky that it was only three runs and he picked up the win. His control was slightly better than his previous outings improving his strike to ball ratio from 1.5 (last start) to 2 last night. Vazquez is not back to normal yet, but this start is at least a step in the right direction. He still needs to get his velocity higher and work on executing his pitches.