Saturday, April 24, 2010

MLB.TV Review (PS3)

This is an unbiased review. I am not being paid to review this product and the reviews is based on my personal opinion.

I am not only a Yankee fan but a fan of baseball. Nothing brings me more joy than sitting back and watching a baseball game. Unfortunately the Yankees are not on all day so I was really considering subscribing to my cable companies baseball package "MLB extra innings".

Earlier this week the MLB and PS3 teamed up to bring MLB.TV streaming capabilities onto the PS3. When I saw this I became very excited due to the fact MLB.TV undercut what I was going to pay my cable company by 60 dollars (it would have been 80 but I got the premium package). I jumped on ordering up MLB.TV and linking it to my PS3.

The PS3 app is very smooth. The dashboard (pictured below) provides a live scoreboard and even while you are watching a game you can click O and go back to the dashboard. All games are streamed in HD depending on your internet connection and the picture looks great. I have had a few slight pauses but I think that is just the broadcast not the service. There is one small gripe that I do have, the screen is not completely filled up. There are two small bars on either side and even thinner bars at the bottom and top. They don't really detract from the viewing experience but when it comes to HD anything I become very picky.

If you are a fan baseball in general this is for you 100%. Great picture quality, fast loading times (for me), awesome interface. If you live out of your favorite teams area this would also be a great service to pick up.