Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Return Part 2

In an extended spring training game yesterday, Phil Hughes struck out 12 while pitching 8 and 1/3 innings. The Chuck Knoblog has been a Philiever since the start, this strong showing before his return as the Yankees 5th starter has me excited once more. During this simulated game Hughes only gave up 3 hits while throwing 70 out of his 100 pitches for strikes. He said he was "very happy" with his control. Hughes was lights out last year in the pen but had a poor postseason performance. Phil will be returning to the team today for the game against the Sox. He will make one more spring start on saturday before he makes his season debut. Mark you calendars his first start (the 2nd coming) will be April 15 against Angles. Not only are we looking forward to the 15th, Hughes wants to prove himself as well:

"I'm looking forward to the 15th. It's the first step of this year, and I'm looking forward to starting off well and keeping it going."

This could be a breakout year for Phil who spent the offseason improving his changeup to add to his arsenal of fastball cutter and that curve. He is still working on it:

"I don't think I'm done working on it, it's never a finished process. I still feel like I can mature and throw my pitches in different scenarios, different counts. Now, with four pitches, I can really pitch."

If what he did last year wasn't really pitching then this year is going to be interesting.