Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's Wrong With Javy?

People will treat Vazquez's 2nd start as a cause for panic, the flashback of 2004 are coming back sending chills down Yankee fans spines'. I however am not worried about Javy. His stuff is still good, actually it is really good. The thing that he is lacking is aggression. If you watched the game against the Angles you saw that he got a lot of pitchers in 2 strike counts. After that however he kept throwing way outside, as if he was trying to force the ball onto the corner instead of pounding hitter like he did with the Braves. I think Dave Eiland will work with Vazquez to get his confidence back. Though he velocity wasn't high it wasn't last year either. Once he gets himself right he can start helping this team win. I still think he will win around 15 games for the Yanks and I think fans just need to give him a chance. If he is still doing this in June by all means boo him off the mound but this is April. Players are still sorting themselves out. Don't boo a guy off the mound for giving up some runs in his second outing. We are classier than that, New York.