Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CRM Blog

CRM software is a complex topic and you don't have to research too far before you learn the failure rates are truly alarming.

Fortunately, you also don't have to research to far to find good sources of information and help. There are many types of Customer Relationship Management review and information sites, but I find the CRM blogs to offer the freshest, most candid and most objective information. Sanjay Rai Gupta is a CRM Guru and has a great CRM blog website.

Business leaders and business managers have detected many useful methods, processes, tasks, practices and lessons which when looked at in the aggreate help lower risk and increase CRM software ROI. There are many good sites which offer first hand experiences and social networks which offer plenty of user generated content and information sharing for the benefit of all members. With all these good CRM software sites, there's no reason for the infamous CRM software failure rates to continue. Happy reading.