Sunday, August 22, 2010

Supply Chain Software Reviews

The top Supply Chain software systems make up about half of the total software market. But, supply chain management systems are complex and position themselves by different focus' and capabilities primarily in distribution areas such as Supply Chain Execution, Supply Chain Planning, Warehouse Management and Transportation Management among other distribution areas. There's finally a Supply Chain software reviews website that compares and objectively evaluates supply chain management software solutions, and links software capabilities with key business strategies such as reducing waste, working with lead times, and delivery and cash flow cycles, all while optimizing the flow of goods. It's worth a read.

Diligent supply chain management software selections are the start to subsequent successful deployments and production operation. If you fail the business software selection process you are very likely to fail in a downstream chain of deployment difficulties, cultural problems and business processes.

Until somewhat recently, Supply Chain software reviews dealt with execution efficiencies in the areas of purchasing, inventory movement and logistics planning. However, as supply chain software reviews have gotten better, they are becoming more strategic, and the focus is moving to demand driven, dynamically synchronized, global and collaborative supply chain systems.

As Supply Chain Management software systems become more strategic, adaptive and demand driven, business software suppliers are developing systems to support the new Supply Chain management paradigm. The new era of supply chain systems will go beyond squeeking out efficiencies and advance to a totally integrated systems environment that improves management, planning and execution at almost all levels, giving the company key competitive advantages.