Friday, August 20, 2010

Here They Come, Yo. Here They Come.

Curtis Grand has gotten a lot of crap since coming to New York, especially since the guy who the Yankees traded for him, Austin Jackson, is hitting .303.  He started off the year red hot but then a groin injury slowed him down. It seems now C-Grand is starting to pick up steam again.

In the last ten games Grandy is batting .333 with 3 homers. Maybe hope week is inspiring him or maybe Kevin Long's swing revamp is the cause of this resurgence. His outs have been hit hard as well and it seems he is early on almost every pitcher. He has jumped his average 10 points up.

I like to group Thames and Grandy together so I can do rap group photoshops.

Marcus Markley Thames (yes it is his real name) has been even hotter than the Grandyman. Hitting .379 over his last 10 games. Marcus might be one of Cashman's best signings this year.