Thursday, August 19, 2010

CRM Software Compare

Every now and then luck strikes - at just the right time.

We've begun a CRM software selection project. There's never a good time to replace or upgrade your Customer Relationship Management system, but getting rid of an old system that just fails to fit the bill is nonetheless a long term reward.

I've been amazed to search and find several great CRM software comparisons, really helpful CRM blogs and a number of in-depth review sites such as

These websites shave a lot of time from the front end of the process, not to mention give you sense of comfort that you're not traveling totally off the reservation. By giving a careful review to these sites, and knowing some up front criteria (such as do you want a cloud or SaaS / or on-premise CRM software system), you can review the market share leaders, get the opinions of people who have previously completed a similar project and get to a qualified vendor short list in short order.

Stand by, once our CRM software selection is complete, I plan on sharing some of our experiences from the application deployment. Stay tuned.