Monday, August 23, 2010

Payroll Software

The so-called facts about the useful lives of payroll software systems are just not adding up.

Here is where the top misunderstood facts of HR and Payroll Software costs and value don't add up.

With HR and payroll software capital budgets and operating budgets tightening and the global economy continues its schizophrenic and slow moving improvements, many payroll departments are laser-focused on keeping HR and payroll software costs down as far as possible, while at the same time increasing tactical and strategic processes, capabilities and staff service delivery.

These conflicting pressures to demonstrate cost savings while enhancing services are often made more difficult by payroll software vendors and pundits alike. Often times, these groups lay similar claims to the ideas that that their respective payroll and HR software deployment options have lower Total Cost of Ownerships (TCO) for any given company. Whether it's cloud, generally called Software-as-a-Service or even on-premises business software systems, a large amount of debate continues around which software deployment or delivery option you pay more for in the end. However, the truth is, that these talking heads wind up skirting some of the more salient business and cost/TCO issues, and regrettably cause more confusion on the issue than anything else.