Monday, August 23, 2010

Software CRM

CRM software, or Gestión de la Relación con los Consumidores in Spanish or Espanol, is helping Latin American businesses succeed in advancing with CRM strategy, or CRM estrategia, of customer-facing transactions processing and mining customer data in order to better service and retain customers. This is a software CRM transformation that must continue to advance upon concepts such as customer data segregation, segmentation, analysis and process improvement, the next CRM software strategy trend is clearly more focused.

Customer Relationship Management is now venturing into new territory, called Social CRM, and more empowered social customers are rising from social media typified by a number of customer driven online channels such as social networks, online forums, online communities, blogs and syndication. Social CRM software tools and advocates are using new social networking tools and methods to communicate with prospects and customers in the ways those customers want, and are changing the communication protocol from monologue to dialogue. For software CRM professionals, social CRM systems go past simply making prospects and customers feel like the object of money and try to make the customer feel as though they are involved and a part of the company's reason for existence.

Social CRM, or Social Customer Relationship Management, requires innovative business thinking and a firm recognition that the customer relationship balance with the new social customer has tipped from a conversation where the company controls the communication messaging with its product marketing to one where the balance of power is now managed by the customer.

Many business people look at social CRM systems and concepts as a threat that limits their activities instead of an opportunity to be harnessed and included into the development of goods for improved market acceptance and increased market share. While it is true that the Web can put businesses under a microscope of scrutiny, customers can also review objective product evaluations never before available and social CRM software can either help impose customer disdain on old guard businesses or their blessing for trusted partners. For this later effect to occur, corporate transparency is a requirement and can be used as a big advantage in the competitive marketplace. It is hard to imagine the product or service that cannot be enhanced or improved from the candid feedback of social customers.