Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CRM Software Bloggers

Where do you get the best Customer Relationship Management software ideas? From the best CRM software blogs. I've included a link to a website that lists some great CRM blogs and I have some additional strategy type CRM software thoughts.

CRM software and Customer Relationship Management strategy both take into account customer affinity matters, pressing business objectives and empowering CRM software technology. Sounds simple, but its not, and CRM consultants are quite valuable in accelerating time, lowering risk and generally saving a lot of money. A good CRM software consultant will help his or her clients gain new customers, grow existing customer counts and lower customer churn.

Customer Relationship Management strategy and CRM software systems are commonplace in the never ending pursuit of customer acquisitions and retention efforts. For most businesses, CRM software includes marketing software, Sales Force Automation (SFA) software, and customer support (CS) software. Other related or complimentary business software capabilities may include Partner Relationship Management, order to cash processing, CRM mobility, social CRM and information analytics. Newer disruptive innovations like SaaS, cloud, open source CRM software, and third party or outsourced managed CRM software systems also bring new opportunities for CRM acquisition, deployment and operation.

For experienced business executives, knowing they need to use a CRM system is the easy part. Properly running a software selection project and choosing which CRM system will best meet their organizational goals, processes, human resources and cash constraints can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are good CRM information portals, CRM bloggers and CRM software review sites—like the CRM blog site referenced above, which are expert, fair and without hidden agendas.