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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dunn and Abreu Sign

To take a break from the A-Rod show, Abreu and Dunn have signed. The former Yankee signed for a one year five million dollar deal with the Angels. The Knoblog golden boy got a 2 year, 20 million dollar deal with the Nationals.

First of all, sorry to Brian Cashman. I was dissapointed that Abreu didn't get offered arbitration but in retrospect, Cash can read the market a helluva lot better than I can. Second of all, that's a pretty nice bargain for Dunn. It makes no sense for the Nationals but for a normal team, he makes a ton of sense.

The only real impact for the Yanks though is that this drives up the value on Nady and Swisher. The Braves are on the verge of the playoffs according to PECOTA and if they could add a Nady or Swisher it could push them over the edge. Now they may be willing to give up a bit more for Nady/Swisher.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

20 Million Dollars to Spend...

Even after doling out huge contracts to Burnett and Sabathia, Cashman still has about 20 million dollars to spend. Their only real hole is in centerfield. However, both Damon and Swisher can handle centerfield, albeit poorly. Lets assume they`re not going to trade for a centerfielder like DeJesus which may ultimately be the best course of action.

We`ve already established Manny just doesn't fit on this team. He`d have a hard time squeezing onto the payroll and probably isn't worth the contract he`ll get anyway. That leaves two big hitters left on the market. Adam Dunn and Mark Texiera.

Mark Texiera is a fantastic hitter and a gold glove level fielder at first base. That combinations is pretty rare. He`s not quite on the level of the Albert Pujols and A-Rods of the world but he`s definitely on that next tier of players. He`s only 29 and has gotten big offers from the Angels, Orioles, Nationals, and Red Sox with the Yankees showing interest.

On the other hand, we have Adam Dunn. All three of us have been in favor of signing this guy for a long time. It still makes a ton of sense. This guy is also a great hitter, not on the same level as Texiera but he`s still a great hitter. The biggest problem with him is his glove. At first base he is on the same level as Giambi. That would allow Swisher to move into left-field though where he is very good. That makes them a wash but Damon in centerfield is a problem and will cost them a couple wins.

Texiera is pretty obviously the better player at face value. However, Texiera is rumored to already have an offer of 160 million dollars over 8 years (20 million per year) from the Nationals with the Red Sox, Angels, and Orioles not far behind. Normally, he`d be worth that type of contract, especially to the Yankees who are going to be on the brink of the playoffs next year. Their's also the added benefit of keeping him away from AL East teams (Boston and Baltimore) and rivals (The Angels and Boston). However, that keeps them from pursuing help in any other area. It means they will go into the year with a bench of Ransom-Gardner-Molina-Cabrera and they will be forced to again put Hughes in the Opening Day rotation.

Dunn makes much more sense to me. The only team that has really expressed interest in him are the Nationals, who are currently the highest bidders for Texiera and have Nick Johnson already at first. He's the backup plan of a few teams but not many. Dunn may have to settle for 3 years at 36 million dollars or maybe even less. He`s only 29 (same age as Texiera) and a 3 year deal would probably get him in the best years of his career at about 12 million dollars a year. For a guy with Dunn's bat, that's a bargain. It also lets them make a few other moves. First of all, they can hold their offer to Andy Pettitte. They also have enough cash to pursue some other interesting names like Rocco Baldelli, Ty Wigginton, Juan Rivera, and Joe Nelson for the bench/bullpen. Rocco Baldelli in particular interests me now that we know more about his condition.

Its a choice between Texiera as the first baseman, Hughes as the 5th starter, Kennedy/Aceves as injury fill-ins, and Brett Gardner/Melky Cabrera as your backup outfielders or Dunn as the first baseman, Pettitte as the 5th starter, Hughes as injury fill-ins and Rocco Baldelli/Brett Gardner as your backup outfielders. Signing Dunn allows them to make a deeper and better team.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Case for Big Donkey

Here is my case for the man, the myth, the legend, Adam "The Big Donkey" Dunn.
Just because of his low average everyone puts him down. It's called plate discipline and OBP. He is strives in statics that dumb people don't know or understand the importance of. He gets on base and walks a ton. Dunn's OBP is higher than some .300 average hitters, which just shows how flawed the average stat is. He is among the major league leaders every season in number of pitches per at-bat, an indication that he generally knows when to swing and when not to. He makes the pitchers work. Dunn has the fifth-lowest career at bats per home run average in Major-League history. His 13.96 ratio (about one home run every 14 times he comes to bat). He has the balance of getting on base and hitting the long ball. With the shorten right field Dunn will go to town. He is not an injury risk, every year he has played in over 150 game every season in his career (expect one).

Nate add onto this with your eternal knowledge.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Adam Dunn Not Offered Arbitration

You know what that means? It means that if we sign him, all we have to give up is money, no draft picks. Make it happen Cashman.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Votes Are In...

OK, so we set up our first (of many!) Chuck Knoblog poll. It has been a while so I thought I would post the results and announce the next poll. Here are the results:


  • CC: 84 Votes (78%)
  • Sheets: 16 Votes (14%)
  • Dunn: 12 Votes (11%)
  • Texieria: 60 Votes (56%)
  • Lowe: 22 Votes (20%)
  • Burnett: 38 Votes (35%)
Total Votes: 107

That was a great poll everyone thanks for participating! Now the next poll is up and the question is:

Do you support the signing of Nick Swisher?

Alright the poll is live on the right side of the page. Happy Voting! New Poll is right here>>>

Be sure to vote!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First Base

Going in to next year, the Yankees have two main holes at first base and centerfield. Today, I will look at the options for first base.
  • Internal Options: These are not very good. The possibilities are pretty much Shelley Duncan and Juan Miranda. Neither of these two guys are good enough to play everyday, so if first base came down to players from within the system it would probably be a platoon. However, if it were to come down to that, it would be better to just...
  • Re-sign Giambi: Jason has a $22 million option for next year, with a $5 million option, so it is basically a $17 million question. Giambi has been great for the Yankees over his contract, even despite the lost seasons of 2005 and 2007. However, he will be 38 next year, and it is time to move on. On the other hand, if the Yankees are unable to sign a replacement, one more year of Giambi would be okay.
  • Mark Teixeira: Clearly the best all-around option for first base, but there are questions about the contract he wants. He is a Scott Boras client, and there have been reports that he wants an A-Rod type contract. I would be opposed to a contract of that length and magnitude, instead would advocate the signing of...
  • Adam Dunn: While he is nowhere near the fielder of Teixeira, he is very close to him offensively. What is more attractive is that will probably require a much shorter and less-expensive contract than Teixeira. Also, he can play the outfield occasionally, and with Matsui leaving after 2009, he could be moved to DH after just one season at first, allowing Jorge Posada to move to move to first, which will probably be necessary in the near future.
  • Trade: Really the only first basemen I have seen as a legitimate trade candidate is Prince Fielder. While it would be great to acquire Prince, I don't think the Yankees would be willing to part with the prospects necessary to get that deal done.
  • Xavier Nady: Nady has experience at first base, and the Yankees could instead opt to put the X man at first and instead sign a right fielder. Candidates for that job would probably be Dunn, Burrell, Abreu, Raul Ibanez, and Juan Rivera.
My choice from the above would be Adam Dunn, but I'm sure many of you disagree. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No Manny?

It seems that Cashman is going to go after a real firstbaseman rather than have Posada, Matsui, or Damon spend time there. This rules out Manny Ramirez. It basically leaves Mark Texiera, Giambi, Adam Dunn, and maybe Raul Ibanez. Of these guys Dunn is probably the best option. I would prefer Ramirez but I can hardly complain about any of those guys.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Adam Dunn a Yankee???

I can only hope...