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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When Will We See Andy?

As you should know by now Andy Pettitte went to get and MRI yesterday. The MRI revealed a “small persistent strain” of the left groin. Pettitte is not allowed to throw off a mound for another week. He will continue to throw off flat ground.

Girardi said not to expect Pettitte back until sometime in mid September. Joe likes to guess conservatively so there is a chance Pettitte could come back at the start of September. Due to Andy's age however I would not expect him to be back until Girardi and the staff are 100% sure that he is good to go.

Though we really could use Pettitte right now due to Javy's deadarm (a skipped start would really help him out), Dustin Mosley has stepped up for now. What we really need Pettitte for is our playoff run. The man helped carry us to our 27th title last year pitching gems in all three rounds. His 18-9 record in the playoff is what is most valuable to the Yankees right now and they need to protect his arm for October.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yankee Minor League System

One of the good things, for me, about being a big baseball and Yankee fan has always been being able to go through the Yankee Minor League teams and looking at stats of some "future" Yankees.
But I learned long ago that just because a player in "A" ball hit .320 doesn't mean we will ever see him in a Yankee uniform. This is especially true of the Yankee system.
For years the Yankees have used their Minor League system for trades and not so much for the calling up of players to help the big team. There have been exceptions, we all know Jeter, Pettitte, Mariano, Bernie and Jorge since 1996, but for the most part not so many. I see a different pattern emerging now! The Yankees have more than a few young players in the lower system, both pitchers and every dayers. Especially, it seems, catchers. Among the names you might be seeing in the near future are Montero, Romine, Sanchez, Murphy and Higashioka. That is more than normal the amount of catching prospects for an organization and should alleviate any concerns about what the Yanks will do when Jorge is gone. In fact, in Jesus Montero the Yankees have the third highest rated prospect in baseball according to many of the magazines that do this type pf player rating. He is prospected out as a back-up catcher but a big tome power hitter at DH or possibly some OF. Romine and Sanchez are considered the future starters. Someone better tell Francisco Cervelli this. It's pretty exciting to know that, beside putting a World Series winner on the field at the major League level the Yanks are doing their due diligence on the minor league level. Bodes well for the future!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yankees on Letterman Tonight

Already miss seeing your beloved Yankees on T.V.? Well, tonight at 11:35 eastern 3 of the core 4 (Jeter, Po and Pettitte) can be seen on the David Letterman show tonight.

You don't even wanna know how many of the staff members have had sex with Jeter.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Andy Pettitte Appreciation Thread

Pettitte has been one of the more underappreciated Yankees this year in my opinion. During the offseason, fans were divided over whether they even wanted him back or if he should retire/leave and make away for Phil Hughes. He started off well but as soon as he ran into a rough patch fans were calling for his head. Apparently he was finished, had a bad back, and some fans even wanted him in the bullpen.

Three starts ago he turned in one of his best performances he's had in a while. However, he struggled in his next one and again fans were calling for his head. Last night he turned in another great start and he still is overshadowed by Alex Rodriguez's mammoth homer. His ERA is down to 4.25 and his FIP is only a little higher at 4.51. After Sabathia he also has the highest IP total of any Yankees starter.

He hasn't been an ace for them but he's not getting paid like one either. The Yankees brought him back to be an innings eater. He's been exactly that for them. He's given been sometimes good and sometimes bad but its more good than bad. So, the next time he throws a bad game, can we please refraim from saying he's done or that this is only going to get worse for Pettitte? He's a battler and he's stilll a very solid pitcher that the Yankees are going to need.

Pettitte and Pen Dominates, Yankees Win

Man this game was short wasn't it? That's really due to Andy Pettitte and Jarrod Washburn who both turned in very nice starts. Andy was really impressive in this one. Unlike in past starts at the Stadium he seemed to be challenging guys more, he wasn't nearly as afraid to throw strikes as he was in other starts. Jarrod Washburn matched him as well as you could have hoped for him to though.

The Yankees got a lead briefly in their half of the third on a Johnny Damon homer but the Mariners managed to manufacture a run in the fourth after a leadoff double by Javier Lopez to tie it back up. In the fifth when Melky hit a solo shot the Mariners came right back the next half an inning to tie it up again on a Ken Griffey Jr. homer. I'll say this for the Mariners, they definitely don't give up easily.

This tie wouldn't last that long though. With Washburn still in, Mark Texeira led off the sixth with a ground ball base hit jsut beyond the reach of the Mariner's third baseman. Next up was A-Rod and he continued his hot hitting with an absolute bomb to dead center. This was no cheap New Yankee Stadium home run. When it finally dropped into Monument Park, the Yankees pulled ahead for the final time. Andy would throw one more scoreless inning before giving way to Phil Coke and Alfredo Aceves, who combined for a scorelss eighth. Mariano ended it with an easy 1-2-3 inning in with the Mariners couldn't even lift the ball off of the ground.

Monday, June 22, 2009

What to do with the pitching?

The entire Al East, including the Yankees, have the day off. This gives them a chance to rest and regroup after the worst stretch of games they've gone through since last August. It also gives us bloggers to gripe about the various problems we see them having. The biggest dissapointment this year has been the rotation.

First, lets look at some FIP's for the rotation.

Sabathia- 3.80

Sabathia has been the only reliable pitcher for the Yankees throughout the year. He would face no challenge to his spot but now he's hurt. We don't know how bad it is. He claims he will make his next start but Girardi isn't quite so sure. Obviously, we hope he can make the start against the Mets. I have no problem with C.C though.

Chamberlain- 4.52

Well, can you believe it? Joba's beent he Yankees second best pitcher. With the way I've heard people talking, I'd though he had suddenly turned into Sidney Ponson and his destroyed, hopeless career could only be salvaged coming out of the bullpen. No, Joba's just a young guy who's going to go through struggles before emerging into the ace he can become. For now though, he's still a solid pitcher who anybody would be happy with at the back-end of the rotation if everybody else was doing their job. You guys know my stance of Joba, if he started challenging guys more and shaking Posada off less, he could take a big step forward.

Pettitte- 4.61

Before his last start, Pettitte had a lot of people worried, including myself. We were hearing whispers about back problems and not seeing many results. However, his last start was about as dominant as Pettitte will be for what's left of his career. I expect Pettitte's numbers to get a bit bettter as the season goes on. I also think that Girardi and co. are going to try and keep him away from Yankee Stadium as much as possible. His numbers are vastly better on the road than at home and I think that would be a big help to him.

Burnett- 4.84

Burnett is not the guy I wanted in the offseason. He had never been the ace some people made him out to be and I still have big injury concerns about him. Watching Burnett nibble and give up runs is painful when Derrek Lowe, who's sinker ball style seems tailor made for Yankee Stadium, has an FIP of 3.42 for the Braves. Burnett's not going to be this bad though. His problem is his ridiculous walk totals. Like Joba, he's a flamethrower that needs to trust his stuff and through the ball in the strikezone. I assume that Eiland, Posada, or Girardi will notice this before long if they haven't already. I'm not positive but I think he's generally better in the second half anyway so I'm sure he'll be all right.

Wang- 6.14

At this point in the season, we have to start considering the possibility that Wang sucks. He's shown very little signs of being the pitcher he was before his injury and I think this next start is going to be his last for a long time unless he can put together a good outing. However, their are encouraging signs. He finally gave the Yankees a quality start last time out and I'm hoping he may have turned a corner. If they could get him going again it would be a huge boost to this team and could trigger a turnaround. Big start for Wang coming up.

So what can the Yankees really do? I guess Wang will get one more start and if he gets hit hard again he'll make way for Phil Hughes. What about the others though? Its tough to see them yanking Burnett from the rotation and anybody else wouldn't really make much sense. We'll jut have to hope that they can magically start pitching better.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nondescript Win

Well, if today was a big day for Pettitte, he definitely delivered. Andy is one of the most beloved Yankees and in his most current Yankees stint, we've been used to watching him grind out five or six solid innings when another guy might lose the game. So, when he throws a gem its really enjoyable. Sort of satisfying I guess. Tonight he gave the Marlins no chance. He had a lead early on and aside from a slight blip in third, a solo home to Cody Ross, he gave the Marlins absolutely nothing. He scattered the three hits he gave up and walked nobody while K'ing seven. The Marlin's didn't stand a chance. Bruney and Tomko pitching the final two innings and put up zeroes.

For once the offense actually got ahead early as well. I know, shocking. Everybody in the lineup got a hit, including a big double from Pettitte. Jeter's long double in the first really set the tone for the whole game. Michael Kay kept repeating that it felt like a blowout but wasn't and he was right. The lack of hitting with RISP kept it interesting but five runs was enough for tonight. The Yankees needed a win like this one after nearly blowing three straight series, with only a couple of those games being blowouts.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Big Start For Pettitte?

Andy got off to a strong start but he has petered off since then. Their are whispers about back problems with him and over his last three starts, his ERA is 6.75. He's facing the offensively anemic Marlins today and has a chance to turn things around.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sergio Mitre's Return

One of the quiet signings that Cashman and co. made last winter was Sergio Mitre. Back when they first signed him I made a post saying he had some potential to be a solid fill in for them. Well, now with Pettitte and Wang both struggling and Ian Kennedy hurt their may be a need for him. He was suspended for violating the PED policy for the first chunk of the year but now he's pitching for Scranton. His first start was excellent and if the rotation continues to have problems, look for him to get a call-up.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Memories

Going to my first game at the new stadium today felt very much like my first game at the old one. I'm older and I know much more about the game now but it felt very much the same. Part of it was because I went with my mom (seeing as I she lets me live in her basement, it seemed only fair) and some of the rest of my family that went with me to my first game but it was mostly the feeling of awe at my surroundings.

For the first time, their was no giant bat or stands selling jerseys. Their were certainly some feelings of nostalgia as we walked past the old, condemned stadium as well. However, it was impossible to feel all that sad when the new stadium came into view. Walking into the "Great Hall" was simply mind-blowing. The massive pictures of great Yankees players and moments are just great tributes to their history and the spaciousness of it all is very welcome. Monument park was unfortunately closed two hours before the game so we couldn't get it, so we went straight to our seats after a quick trip to the (miraculously clean) bathroom.

We then proceded to watch eight of the worst innings of baseball I have even seen in person. It started out perfectly fine. Andy Pettitte held the other team scoreless for the first two innings before taking a hit in the third. Raul Ibanez absolutely crushed a ball to dead center to give the Phillies a run and a 1-0 lead. It would last though. Robinson Cano, who had a great game, led off the Yankees half of the third with a leadoff double (or error, depending on what team you root for) and scored with some small ball. Melky bunted him over to third and Nick Swisher got the RBI with a sharp groundout to the shortstop.

Both pitchers kept the opposition quiet for the next few innings, aided by a sliding catch in foul territory by Mark Teixeira. Then came the 5th and John Mayberry. Pettitte had been struggling with his control all afternoon and started off the inning with back to back walks before giving up a three run homer to a rookie making his ML debut named John Mayberry, of course inciting a mass orgasm amongst the Phillies fans arou
nd me. One, slightly drunk fan directly in front of me just kept repeating Mayberry's name. From here on out things were pretty dismal. Pettitte battled through seven innings without giving up any more runs and was followed by nearly perfect performances by Phil Coke (1 and 2/3 innings) and Jose Veras (1/3 of an inning). However, the only run they got was a solo shot by Jeter in the 6th. The only other time they came close to scoring was in the 8th when Brett Gardner got a pinch-hit double with one out. Even then, Matsui and Jeter followed up with back to back strike outs to blow the big chance. What was really incredible was how they failed to capitalize on Charlie Manuel removing dominant starter, J. A. Happ after only about 75 pitches.

By the time the ninth rolled around the stadium was pretty quiet. The fans woke up in a hurry though. Damon led off with a huge walk and took second while Mark Teixeira struck out. Then came who else but A-Rod. I have to admit that I didn't harbor much hope for him when they got two strikes on him and nodded in agreement when my dear mother felt a need to say, "He's so bad in the clutch." A couple pitches later he ties the game up against Brad Lidge with an opposite field home-run, hit the way only Alex can. The cheers and clapping went on long after Alex crossed home plate. The Yankees didn't waste any time winning it either. Robinson Cano quickly followed him up with a base hit and a rare steal of second which proved to be of the utmost importance. Melky Cabrera then laced a single to right centerfield and Cano ran on home drawing a late throw. It wasn't long before he got the now traditional pie in the face. Not a bad introduction to the new stadium at all.

On the way out we ran into a friend who used to sit near our old seats in years past. We also saw that Freddy (of the spoon and pan) had made the trip across the street and that today was his 84th birthday. On the way to the car, I couldn't resist taking a peek through the fence encircling The House That Ruth Built. However, their's no arguing that the new stadium is beautiful and makes powerful tributes to the Yankees proud past. Today gave me confidence that Mystique and Aura have moved across the street and that we to can make a new home for ourselves in this baseball nirvana.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Game 4

Andy Pettitte won this game with a dominating performance. Anytime you can get seven innings out of your starter and only have him give up one run, you should win. His control was nearly perfect and he only surrendered one walk while K'ing six. Bruney had a good inning and Rivera finished it off with his first save. The offense also performed fairly well again. I would have hoped they would do better against Ponson but they got enough runs. Swisher had another extra base hit, although his misplay in the outfield cost Pettitte his only run. Teixeira and Cano also continued their mini hot streaks.

All in all, this was exactly what the Yankees needed. Everything went about as well as you could hope for. Now with Sabathia lined up for tomorrow, they can hopefully get over .500.

Monday, March 9, 2009

News and Notes

  • Cory Lidle's family is suing the plane manufactures for a cool 45 million
  • No Surprises in A-Rod's surgery.
  • Pettitte looked good in his spring debut; though the Yankees lost to the Jays 6-2
  • Brett Gardner is ripping it up.
  • The Yankees offensive projections are looking very good:
    1. Best lineup: 5.72 runs per game
    2. Probable lineup: 5.64 runs per game
    3. Worst lineup: 5.42 runs per game
    4. Regressed lineup: 5.05 runs per game

    Wednesday, February 25, 2009

    Joe Announces Rotation

  • C.C.
  • Wang
  • Burnett
  • Pettitte
  • Joba

  • This is the line-up that I think most Yankee fans were hoping for.

    Saturday, February 14, 2009

    #5 Starter

    This is were things get really messy. I really have no idea what Boston is going to do so I`m going to turn this into a post on the 5th starter and the next few guys who will come up when somebody gets hurt.

    Yankees- Joba Chamberlain- In his brief time in the majors, Joba has been an incredibly dominating force. In his first real year in the majors he put up an RCA of 2.65 in 102 innings. Yep, that's pretty insane. That is a small sample size though and now that the league has seen him that`ll go up. Personally, I think he`s going to go through some growing pains this year. Still, he`s going to be a big part of the Yankees future, either as the biggest bust in their history or their next ace. Beyond Joba they have some very solid depth. I still have faith in Hughes and Coke and Aceves are both promising. Theirs a few veterans they have as well, like the newly signed Brett Tomko. I haven't totally given up on Ian Kennedy yet either.

    Rays- David Price- Honestly, the best comparison I can think of for Price is Joba. Except Joba is a year ahead of Price. In his first year in the pros, Price flew through the minors. He ended up finishing the year in the Ray's ML bullpen. Everybody loves this guy, scouts and statheads alike think he has the potential to be an ace (note the lack of starter/reliever debate over this guy). The question is whether his first year in the majors is more like Hughes or Joba. My gut feeling is that he`ll have a solid year but not much more than that.

    Red Sox- Brad Penny- Penny was one of a bunch of buy-low guys that Boston signed this year. He`s coming off of the worst year of his career. He got killed with a 5.35 RCA in 89 innings. So, obviously Epstein is hoping for something more like the previous two years. That's possible but some of the bragging I`ve heard from people north of the New York border goes a bit to far. Anybody hoping for him to be an ace is going to be sorely dissapointed. In 2007 he threw 190 innings and had an RCA of 4.36 and the year before he was a tick better with an RCA of 4.35 in 186 innings. I know Boston has a great medical staff and could get him back to what he used to be. They also have excellent depth though. Around June they`ll get John Smoltz who is still a front of the rotation guy. Clay Buchholz is coming off a bad year but, like Hughes don't give up on him yet.

    Conclusion- Yankees- Red Sox- Rays- This was a tough one for me but Joba has more upside than Penny and is a safer bet than Price. Besides that, having Aceves, Hughes, and Kennedy all waiting for the call to the majors encourages me. I think John Smoltz is going to have a very good year as well which is why Boston is ahead of the Rays. Price is very good but just doesn't have a proven track record. This concludes the rotation part of this series which means I will no longer bombard you with RCA calculations. I still have to do catcher, the bullpen, the three outfield spots, and DH. Hopefully, I`ll get another one or two done by the end of the week.

    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    Chase Wright DFA'd

    Yesterday Chase Wright was DFA'ed to make room on the 40 man roster for Pettitte. I`m not a big fan of Wright but somebody will pick him up because of those gaudy AAA numbers.

    Monday, January 26, 2009

    Yanks, Pettitte Agree to Deal

    Update (4:40): According to MLBTR the Yankees have signed Pettitte on a one year deal with a guaranteed 5.5 mil that could reach 12 mil with incentives 
    By Charlie

    Yankees Close to Deal with Pettite 
    Remember when the Yankees offered Andy Pettitte $10 million and he rejected it? Well, the Yankees came with a counter offer, and now the two sides are very close to finalizing the deal. However, it is for less guaranteed money than the Yanks originally offered Pettitte. It is reportedly for under $6 million guaranteed, with incentives that could bring the price up to $12 million. I love this move for the Yankees. Pettitte is a reliable innings eater, and allows Phil Hughes, Al Aceves, and Ian Kennedy to start the season in Scranton, which improves our depth.

    Thursday, January 8, 2009

    Pettitte to Houston Unlikely

    Ed Wade, the Astro's GM, said to that a return to Houston is unlikely for Pettitte. No surprise here. Even if Pettitte is willing to go to what will probably be a non-competitive team, why would Houston want him? They`ve been very cheap this year and an offer of over 10 million for Pettitte is unlikely. He`s a one year patch and that's not what Houston needs.

    I still say Pettitte will be a Yankee by the time pitchers and catchers report.

    Pettitte and Nady

    Theirs been a lot of speculation swirling around lately about the Yanks being willing to trade Xavier Nady or Andy Pettitte going to Houston.

    Ultimately, I think these two things are connected. I`m thinking that the Yanks will up their offer to Pettitte to make it 12-14 million. Who else will give Pettitte 10 million? Houston is so cheap that they non-tendered Ty Wigginton. The Dodgers are tied up with the Manny Ramirez talks and really have no need for Pettitte. Their aren't many teams that are willing to go get Pettitte in this economy. The Nady talks are just them showing Pettitte that they have other options. Possibly better options.

    Or, they could trade Nady for a starter like Aaron Harang or Jonathan Sanchez. I see them waiting to see how the market develops for Pettitte. Ideally, the scenario above would happen. The Yanks don't really want a long term solution who will be taking up a spot for Hughes the next few years but trading Nady makes a lot of sense.

    Tuesday, January 6, 2009

    Pettitte Rejects Offer

    Andy Pettitte has rejected the Yanks offer of 10 million dollars for one year. This is very dissapointing and I`m hoping they`re willing to pony up an extra million or two for him. We knew this was a risk after they signed Teixeira and its why I didn't like it. I would go into the year with Hughes in the rotation if Pettitte chooses to go elsewhere.

    Saturday, December 27, 2008

    Offer Still On Table

    Andy Pettitte's offer is still out there for now. if he wants to come back, he`d better hurry up and accept it before that offer disapears.